Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finishing 10th Grade (Week 36)

It happened. My little girl is now an eleventh grade student and heading into the back half of high school. It seems like yesterday we were beginning this homeschool journey in the middle of fourth grade, yet here we are with a sixteen year old ready for eleventh grade.

We had another busy week where less book work was completed while still being productive. Even though the organizer and planner in me would love for her to check off those little boxes, we are at the end of the school year and it’s time for other activities.

Monday we took off from school in honor of my birthday - well, we actually had lunch with my mom, went shopping, rested because it was too warm outside, and then Fred came home and we did the standard birthday stuff. It was a nice relaxing day, and I didn’t have to make food. Then Tuesday, Amber had a couple of medical appointments, along with completing some government lessons.

I got the iPhone X this week and have been playing around with the Portrait mode in the camera. These were taken while we waited for our lunch at a barbecue place. She was playing on her new iPhone 8, and looked up so I could take a pic. It's all the camera... I have zero talent. It even took the restaurant booth out of the background.
Wednesday we spent the day at the St. Louis zoo with friends. It was another rather warm (hot.. it was hot) day, but we managed it with shade breaks and lunch in the air-conditioning. I won't say it was an easy day for Amber, since she had to push herself to make it through some parts before a rest. A few times part of our group walked too fast for her and she lagged behind. Still, she was able to last all day at the zoo, which is a monumental achievement for her. 

The day finally arrived on Thursday when Amber and another friend got to see their friend that moved to Kenya a couple of years ago! The entire family moved as Lutheran missionaries, but they are back in the States for home service this summer. The girls were excited to be reunited again, even if it was only for day until later this summer.

Friday was an all afternoon yearbook meeting that turned into a friend hangout when the girls finished their yearbook work early. Then Amber and another girl (the same friend from Thursday) had music rehearsal for our home school group's high school graduation. The girls were each playing their instruments during the Saturday graduation ceremony, but had to be at rehearsal Friday evening. Of course, that indicates that we were busy on Saturday at the actual graduation.

Petting and feeding Stingrays at the zoo!
Whew! Today, we are taking care of things around the house. Amber actually worked on several government lessons, did some of her regular chores, and helped me on a Target run where we got wet in a spot storm. As much as I didn't like getting drenched, it lowered the temperatures about 10 degrees into the mid-80s. Now, of course, Amber is playing Fortnite with her friends again. So, nothing new there.

Next week we are officially starting summer school lessons, that is if there is time around everything else for school lessons. Amber does start Project Write again this summer, so at least she will be working on creative writing regularly this summer.

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