Friday, May 4, 2018

I'm Still Counting It as Week 33 (Week 33 - 10th)

Guess what we did this week? Nothing. At least as far as school lessons at home go.

It was a crazy, hectic, long week.
  • Prom was last Saturday evening.

  • Fred left Sunday morning for The Netherlands on a work trip. Amber and I did not make church Sunday morning or the high school youth service day at church. Refer back to the first point. 
  • Amber had a much needed appointment with her GI doctor on Tuesday that basically took up half of the afternoon. 
  • Tuesday I also had to grade four final essays for my Elegant Essay co-op class. Of course I really didn't feel like I had the brain power for it, but I was out of time. 
  • Tuesday was my last day of prednisone and I was thankful. Except, it did not have the desired end results. My finger joints hurt and are swelling again. (and toes... and wrists)
  • Amber had two evening rehearsals with a musical ensemble that is playing all the music live for a 90-minute musical this weekend. At the first rehearsal none of the ensemble showed except Amber and the pianist. So it became a two-person ensemble, which was a bit stressful. There was also issues with the musical score.
  • Amber has a performance of the musical tonight (right now actually) and tomorrow morning. 
  • Amber had flute lesson too, where they went over changes to the musical score to correct the issues. 
  • We had our last day of co-op classes for the school year. Lots of wrapping up to do and things to remember to take. Why do I always teach three classes?
  • Tomorrow is my debate class' culminating debate. About an hour after Amber finishes with her musical. No, I'm not at all stressed by the schedule. (can you hear the sarcasim?) Amber is my timer. Fred is my judge - he arrived home from Europe this evening and is sleeping. Amber may or may not get lunch. I may or may not have a panic attack.
  • We had errands to run over the week too. Important things that couldn't wait. And things like the grocery store so that we did not starve while Fred was gone. Because nobody wants to return home to a starved family that was simply too lazy to go to the store. -- We actually ate out for every single lunch. The groceries were for dinner when we were too tired to do anything else.

Two of our lunches out this week.
Sunday afternoon I realized that our week actually looked like the above and not how I had imagined it in my head. I decided to forego lessons at home this week. Amber was going to need to rest whenever there was time. I was going to need to rest whenever I could. I was right.  Amber did read a great deal. At first it was from her literature book, but then Amazon delivered her books that released on May first. That was the end of literature reading. 

Amber is limping through the music for the musicals at this point. She's had a migraine going on the third day now - and she takes a preventative migraine medication. 

Amber was actually amazed when I told her there would be no school this week. It's rather unlike me, honestly. However, I was and still am totally fine with the progress of the week. Amber had completed the last of her co-op homework on Saturday before prom. She was prepared for her classes, so we aren't hurting anyone by skipping school this week. She's a few hours away from fulfilling her state required hours, which means that won't be a problem. We are schooling over the summer this year, therefore anything that isn't finished by May 31st will be continued into the summer.

More prom pictures. I have quite a few more too, but they include her friends.
And guess what? We may not have school next week either. Amber's co-op drama class is not quite finished yet. They have rehearsals and performance next week. We have appointments again too. Amber needs to complete her assigned pages for the yearbook, and that will probably be the majority of her school work next week. Oh, and flute lesson. And practice for a smaller performance at the end of the May.

We're so busy and it's a hard, long type of busy. Yet we are enjoying our days since we need not worry about lessons at the same time. And I'm still counting this as week 33 of 10th grade!

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  1. You should count the week. Plenty of wonderful learning was accomplished. I love Amber's prom dress. That is one of my favorites I have seen around the web.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I LOVE her dress! That is beautiful. It sure sounds like a very hectic week and while you may have taken the week off it sure sounds like much learning was accomplished.