Friday, May 18, 2018

Weeks 34 & 35 of 10th Grade

This post is combining two weeks, because life got busy and I decided to enjoy our activities instead of worrying about when I was going to get a post put together. I almost didn't do one this week either. As a warning, there aren't many photos either since the majority of the photos I took are of groups of teens and I don't put others on the blog as a general rule.

In the past two weeks we have not done as many lessons at home as I expected. However, we have had a wonderful couple of weeks. I think this is basically how our summer is going to go too. We will work on school when there is time, but not worry or push ourselves when we have other activities.

Last week Amber had drama play rehearsal and the play itself. Everything went well. She actually did quite a bit of school work considering everything going on. I made a list of the subjects yet to be completed, and she has been diligently working on those when we have time. Mostly she needs to complete government and marine biology before we move on to the summer subjects. Everything else is basically complete.

Amber also finished the remainder of her required hours for school last week, so the rest is a bonus in that respect. Of course, I have requirements for the subjects she needs to finish. Still, I am promoting her to 11th grade next Friday. It's going to take a while to get used to seeing 11th grade.

This week Amber did some school on Tuesday and Thursday, but hung out with her friends on Monday and Wednesday. It was a productive week, and she has been happy spending time with friends. Of course, she's also been playing FortNite with these same friends in their free time.

Today was Amber's last hospital day for a while. We are switching to quarterly check-ins with both physical therapy and occupational therapy. It has been a monumental day, to say the least. Amber has been able to maintain her strength and energy. She hasn't had any major dislocations in a while either. Although it is sad that we will not see her lovely therapists for a while, we are proud of the work Amber has done to get herself this far. She is more functional than we ever imagined she could be when she started treatment for her EDS and dyautonomia. She's even met all of her OT goals, and has been able to demonstrate knowledge of how to apply what she learned. We truly are impressed with all the therapists have been able to do to assist Amber in getting to this stage in her life.

Death Aboard the Duchess - Amber was the ship's captain. 
Next week is another busy one, and hopefully Amber will find time to see her friends again too. We still have a couple of appointments for random things, but after those I hope we can avoid medical appointments for a short while. It's mind boggling considering where we came from to have all of this time free suddenly. Or maybe not so suddenly, since we've had to cancel and reschedule some of Amber's appointments the last few months and she did spectacular.

At any rate, that's our two week update. Tons of flute playing still, lots of drama (as in theater), government lessons, marine biology, hanging out with friends like a normal teen, and the end of regularly scheduled PT and OT.  It's been a great couple of weeks!

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  1. Congratulations on promoting to 11th grade, and for "graduating" from therapy!!

  2. What a great two weeks. I am so happy for Amber and you that PT/OT can decrease. That is great news.
    Blessings, Dawn