Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer 2018 School Plans

Now that tenth grade is complete it is time to start our summer school plans. Unfortunately for Amber, I'm not letting her off this summer. While she will have a lighter schedule than the school year, she also will have daily lessons and goals to meet. Of course, there will be days where fun times with friends wins out over school lessons. I'm not such a difficult task master as all that.

Last summer Amber desperately needed the time away from structured lessons and to simply rest. Thankfully this school year we managed her time better and she is not as burned out as when ninth grade finished. Amber also realized how boring summer can be when you have no direction, no job, and can't yet drive alone.

Plans for Summer 2018:

1. Government: Amber is not quite finished with her Notgrass Exploring Government. Honestly, I thought she was going to squeak it in before we ended tenth grade, but we got busy with friends and events. This one is not negotiable though. She must finish it.

2. Marine Biology: Another course that only requires a tiny bit left to finish. It's also a non-negotiable that needs to be completed pronto.

3. Survey of Science History & Concepts - Chemistry and Physics: Amber wants to finish this over the summer so that she has more time in her school year schedule for other subjects. As long as she finishes Marine Biology quickly, this should be easily accomplished.

4. Literature: I have no set goals to complete over the summer. Instead, we will continue through her literature program when time allows.

5. Greek Language: Continuing lessons as time allows.

6. German Language: Continuing lessons as time allows, with a specific goal in mind too. I'm fairly sure we can make the goal though.

7. Creative Writing: Amber is also participating in Project Write again this summer, so she will have weekly meetings with her writing group as well as work to complete at home. We are pausing her at-home creative writing course to allow for Project Write.

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