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2018 - 2019 (11th Grade) Curricula

The eclectic style of education worked exceedingly well for Amber last year, so we will continue it for the remaining two years of high school. We did make a few changes to Amber's planned courses during tenth grade, although we believe everything is basically set now for the remainder of high school. She only has a little bit of extra time to choose between a few undecided electives.

Amber completed the last of her science credits during the summer between tenth and eleventh grades, which means she is finished with science until college! I also realized the level of work Amber was completing for her English credits was actually coming close to two full credits in English per school year. Therefore, we divided those courses into Literature (a full credit each year) and writing / grammar courses (usually 1/2 credit).

In the middle of tenth grade there was a shake-up at our homeschool co-op resulting in a new group being formed. We went with the new group, which is a better fit for Amber. She will be taking a few of her needed credits at co-op this year along with the fun fine arts courses that she loves.


(1 Credit)
BJU Consumer Math 
Amber did not finish this course last school year, although she made it about halfway through. She will be working on completing it sometime this school year, eventually. She might even need to work on it into her senior year.

(1/2 Credit)
Understanding Geometry Plans may have changed for the ACT, and Amber will need some geometry before taking the test. We are going to use an easier version of geometry for the sole purpose of giving her the exposure needed to pass some of the geometry questions on the ACT. We haven't decided if she will use the geometry before or after finishing consumer math.

Language Arts:

(1 Credit for Advanced Research Writing)
Writing: Writing Research Papers: The Essential Tools
Amber is taking this full year course at our homeschool co-op with me as the teacher. 
Grammar: IEW Fix It! Grammar - Moving to the next level and beyond if she finishes during the school year. It will be incorporated in her writing class credits throughout high school until she finishes the series. 

(1 credit for Literature)
Literature: Using Excellence in Literature for everything except Shakespeare, which is still Lightning Literature.

The tentative 11th grade reading list is: (This was greatly altered during the year, and is no longer the complete list.)
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald (Excellence in Literature)
  • The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway (Excellence in Literature)
  • The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • The Call of the Wild - Jack London
  • The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane
  • The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas (Excellence in Literature) 
  • Hamlet - William Shakespeare (Lightning Literature)
  • Macbeth - William Shakespeare (Lightning Literature)
  • A large array of short stories and poetry - We added this in and there are too many to document here.

(1 Credit over two and one half years for Creative Writing Elective) 

Creative Writing: One Year Adventure Novel - Amber's goal is to become a writer, so naturally one of her electives is creative writing. She still needs to finish her adventure novel and then will be moving on to a fantasy novel.

Foreign Language

(2 Credits) 
Greek: Amber is finishing First Form Greek that she started as a review item in the latter part of 9th grade and then moving on with Croy's A Primer of Biblical Greek and Going Deeper with New Testament Greek. We also have a Greek New Testament for her to work with.
German: Portfolio Deutsch. Amber's official foreign language that will be acceptable to any of the universities. She is just continuing with the next level. 

History / Social Studies

History: Amber finds American history terribly boring. It's the truth. She was happy with our switch to Notgrass high school history courses, however we often have paused the U.S. history credit to explore other topics that keep Amber interested. This situation has left her with 3/4 of an Ancient World History credit, 1/2 of a Western Civilization credit, 1/2 U.S. Government credit, and 1/2 of the U.S. History credit.  She's going to finish up the U.S. History full credit along with another semester social studies course, which will allow her to end 11th grade with three total social studies credits. In 12th grade she plans to continue with Notgrass World History and another semester social studies course.
(1 Credit U.S. History - finishing)
U.S. History Resources:
Notgrass Exploring America - For the U.S. history. We won't do the literature options with it.
Home School in the Woods - I'm using their Time Travelers series for supplemental reading, timelines, some maps, writing assignments, and a few projects. Simply because we have always enjoyed them.
MapTrek - Additional map work to help with Amber's geography. 
(1/2 Credit Economics)
Economics: Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass
Economics was originally scheduled for Amber's 12th grade year, and may still end up there. After cutting Ancient History to 1/2 credit to make time for a semester psychology course in 11th grade, we then realized that Amber may be able to take psychology at co-op in 12th grade. Now we are waffling between economics and psychology for 11th grade. 

Science - ALL COMPLETED!!!

(1 Credit Chemistry with lab)
Chemistry: Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Apologia
My poor child. After declaring her finished with high school science, I decided she needed the experience with high school chemistry. I will be holding chemistry class at our house for Amber and a few friends this school year. I think it will be good for Amber and maybe she will eventually agree.

Electives and Non-Core Subjects

(School Publications)
Yearbook: This is structured more like a club, but Amber has been on the yearbook of our co-ops since the beginning. T
Literary Magazine: Tthe co-op schedule was switched up second semester, and Amber was able to move into the literary magazine class that I teach and took an editor position on the magazine. She also contributed to the literary magazine both semesters of 11th grade. 

(Fine Arts Credit) 
Amber already has more than enough Fine Arts credits. The remaining are electives that she enjoys.

Drama: A year-long co-op drama class, but will probably only amount to enough hours for 1/4 to 1/2 credit. (Third year of high school drama)

Art: A semester long co-op art class, and we will just add the hours to continue her art credit(s).

Music: Continue weekly private flute lessons and practice. We only count her 45 minute lessons and performances as school hours. So between 1/4 and 1/2 credit of music too.

(Practical Arts Credit)
Home Economics: This just was not happening at home. Thankfully a friend is teaching a year-long home-ec class at our homeschool co-op this year. Amber will earn 1/2 credit for the course.

Driver's Education: Amber is still working on this again this year and continues to practice driving with her permit. We will be intentionally making time to instruct her in safe driving. 

(1 Physical Education Credit)
Phys. Ed:  Amber has moved to quarterly physical therapy sessions where she works on strengthening the muscles around her joints and learns how to care for her body. Therefore, the majority of her remaining physical education will be from her daily cardio and strength training. 

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