Sunday, July 1, 2018

First of July Update

Wow, I've really let things slide here this summer. We've just been so busy and I've learned to prioritize my energy. Amber just finished volunteering every morning at our church's VBS. She handled the busy week and early mornings better than I did, and I was just her driver. I dropped her off and then worked on co-op class lesson plans at a nearby library until pick-up time. I'm just not cut out for rising early than 9 am on a regular basis.

Amber has been enjoying her summer, while still working on lessons to meet her goals before next school year officially begins. This past week I've given her off of school lessons though. She may have handled the mornings well enough, but pushing it to complete lessons in the afternoon would have definitely been too much.

Since my last update Amber has continued her weekly Project Write sessions, and even had an extra session last Friday after VBS. The rough draft of her group's play is complete. There are still several more weeks of Project Write before the final performance. Amber is enjoying her group this year more than any other year. She is closer in age to the kids in this group and she has a great deal in common with them.

Today was her flute recital, and she was more nervous than I've seen her in a while. She said it was the hardest piece she's ever played and she was nervous. It turns out she was so nervous that she forgot all of her morning medications today. This was only noticed when it was time for her afternoon medication. Considering she did not take any of her medication this morning, she did fantastic at the recital. We had assumed her high heart rate during the recital was from anxiety. However when you play a long musical piece while standing without haven taken your beta block, a high heart rate is to be expected. I'm rather impressed she didn't pass out given the mechanics of playing the flute.

Lessons have been progressing well, and Amber will have her last science credit finished this coming week. We continue to work on the literature reading list I assigned for the summer, and she's keeping up with her languages. She's been dedicated to her lessons this summer and will undoubtedly meet her goals easily.

We are planning to take a little break from everything the last full week of July when Amber has oral surgery to remove four wisdom teeth. Although we are hopeful it will go well, Amber's EDS and dysautonomia will make it more complicated. We're praying that she can return to her current level of functionality immediately after the surgery. We finally have Amber balanced well and she can mostly keep up with other teens her age. Our hope is that doing this surgery over the summer will make it easier on her body to handle the stress and pain.

Amber and her other teen friends have been getting together a great deal this summer. Tomorrow they are seeing a movie together and hanging out afterwards. This is in addition to all of the text and hangout messages, and of course playing on Fortnite.  My child and her friends are terribly addicted to Fortnite. And to be honest, I don't care. As long as we can keep the game playing reasonable I don't care that they play daily. If it wasn't Fortnite, it would be some other video game. Amber is reaping the benefits of being the daughter of gamers (ok, so Fred is mainly the gamer now. I was once upon a time before I ran out of time and energy.)

There are a few other things happening around here, but for now I'll just leave it with these items.

Of course, I'm planning for school that starts the beginning of August, assuming that Amber is healed up enough from surgery and hopefully not in a deep flare of her EDS / dysautonomia. There isn't too much for me to plan at this point, since many of the subjects for 11th grade are continuations from 10th grade, or just the next level of her languages.

Happy July!

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