Monday, July 23, 2018

July Update and a Curriculum Update

This has been a rather busy and eventful July for us so far, and it's not over yet.

In two days, Amber will have the oral surgery that we have dreaded since she was 10 years old when her orthodontist first saw the beginnings of wisdom teeth. She has four impacted wisdom teeth that need to come out sooner, rather than later. We've taken all the precautions we can. The surgeon is familiar with all of Amber's conditions, and as an added bonus we were able to schedule the surgery just days after Amber's neurology check-up. Now we are even more prepared with specific recommendations from the neurologist.

We have no idea, honestly, how long full recovery will take. However, Amber has been doing fantastic this summer and we are hoping she will bounce back to her pre-surgery functionality level. Although Amber feels much more functional these days and less symptomatic, testing done just today at the neurologist's office showed that her dysautonomia is still as bad as ever. We simply have a better handle on how to help her adapt and she has learned to work around the dysautonomia.  The neurologist did change her official diagnosis from a broader type of dysauotonomia, to specifically POTS. I guess that makes life easier now when trying to explain what dysautonomia is? Maybe. Treatment remains the same.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take delivery of the five remaining chairs in my new kitchen set. Everything arrived last Tuesday, but five of the six chairs were so wobbly that the delivery people even told me not to accept them. Thankfully, we had also bought the matching bench to use when we wanted to seat eight instead of six. Still, the table looks a bit silly right now with a bench and one chair. Here's to hoping the five new chairs are not wobbly. I really d.o love the table, bench and chair we have.

We've been doing a lot of house maintenance and redecorating this month too. Fred and I painted a few more rooms downstairs, and I'm slowly painting Amber's room for her. She was tired of the frost pink that the four-year-old Amber had requested. Sixteen-year-old Amber just wants a very pretty cream color. It looks lovely in her room, but requires at least three coats to cover the pink, and that is with primer in the paint. Oh well. It will get finished here soon enough. After Amber's room, I am painting the kitchen cabinets a cream color too. The new furniture is designed to go with the new color scheme in the kitchen, not the current one.

Notice the wall on the left still has some pink? I was so proud to get this far that I stopped to take a photo.
In the middle of the month we also traded in Fred's trusty silver Volvo on the Tesla he has been waiting for since early 2017. It was rather an adjustment for him to learn to drive an all electric vehicle. He has taken to the car though and loves it, just as expected. He's even tried a few of the autodrive features. I do have to say that it is fun to summon the car out of the garage, especially when you just want it out of the way and don't want to hop in and out of the car to do it.  As a bonus, because of the limited parts in a Tesla, this car has more trunk space (both in the back trunk and with an added front truck), more space in the back seat (without a hump in the middle... Amber's favorite part), and more headroom. Oh, did I mention that it has a glass roof? All glass. No headliner and we can see the sky!

It was a rather quick process with the Tesla from notification that his reservation number was up, through configuration, and then delivery.  We expected to have three to five months, as stated in Fred's Tesla account, but in actuality we had two weeks total. That means we do not have the spiffy 240v outlet installed in our garage yet. The electrician in our area that specializes in Tesla installs doesn't even come to work up the quote until later this week. Poor Fred is having to charge the Tesla slowly with the standard 120v outlet in our garage. I'm just glad that is working for now and he doesn't have to drive the 15 minutes to the local Supercharger.

In school happenings, Amber has completed nearly everything we had set as her goal for the summer. She is still reading a few of the books I asked her to read, but there are no assignments attached to them. I did post our curriculum plans for 11th grade last week, and now we are already changing the plans some.

Instead of working to complete a full credit of Ancient History, Amber will settle for her already completed 3/4 credit (marked on her transcript as 1/2 credit). Instead of the time she was going to spend finishing Ancient History this school year, she is going to work on a semester long psychology course. It's still a social studies credit, yet in the long run this topic might be more use to her than re-hashing the ancient history that she already knows forward and backwards.

At least that's what we think we are going to do. I've ordered the psychology curriculum and it's arriving tomorrow. Then yesterday another mom found out that Amber was doing psychology this school year. It reminded her that she is qualified to teach psychology and she could do that next school year at co-op. (The schedule is set for this school year and she's already committed to other classes as well as the students already being registered).  So... where does that leave us?

Does Amber do psychology this school year and miss out on taking it at co-op with friends? Or do we slide economics in the slot where psychology was going this year, and hold off until 12th grade for psych? Economics was actually going to be an "if we have time" subject in 12th grade. Then again, I always hold some time in our schedule for co-op topics that might interest Amber. So, technically if we do Economics this year in the Ancient History-turned-Psychology slot, then in 12th grade psychology will just get some of the time we reserve for co-op classes.  I'm liking this plan more and more. And if the psychology class at co-op doesn't materialize, we can still let Amber do it at home.

Biscotti has been having a good deal of anxiety and a flare up of his IBD. All after his annual vet visit. We tried meds to help calm him, and it kept him from tearing his claws. It also triggered the IBD. This cat... it's a good thing we love him.
That's about it for now. I'm off to pick Amber up from a friend's house, where she is after being picked up from a different friend's house. This is a good summary of the summer so far, oh, and Fortnite. Lots and lots of Fortnite.

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