Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Another Week?

We have put off starting school again, and that is so unlike me. Amber is happily taking advantage of this rather unusual change. I fully intended to start school yesterday, however Fred decided to take off this week from work, excepting a one-day conference that's here (or in the city). We are rarely able to accomplish much on days when Fred is off, and I can't imagine trying to start school when he's home!

This week was a better week to start than next week, but only marginally. We have appointments and outings with friends this week. Next week we have appointments and who knows what else.

Amber has basically recovered from her rather invasive oral surgery at the end of July. There is still a small amount of swelling at the back of her jaw and some stiffness that she needs to work through. She's trying to get back into form for flute playing, but it's taking longer than she expected and this is frustrating her greatly. Surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow. I think she is doing great considering what she went through for that surgery.

There has been yet another change to Amber's 11th grade curriculum too. At this point Amber is probably hoping that school will start soon so that I don't change or add anything new. After having declared Amber finished with high school science, I decided she needed a little more experience with a standard class as opposed to the special topics we have covered over the years. Amber completed high school biology in middle school, so we did other biological based sciences in high school. Her list for high school includes: physical science, botany (with lab), forensic science (with lab), meteorology (with lab), astronomy (with lab), marine biology, and survey of science history and concepts (just physics and chemistry).

I could have left science with those completed classes, yet I kept feeling like I was letting her off easy. Amber also has always liked chemistry, yet feared the math portions of high school chemistry. So without asking her, I arranged to teach chemistry using the Apologia high school chemistry text at our house and invited several of her friends. So for the next school year, I am teaching weekly chemistry courses here at home with Amber and three friends. To put it nicely, Amber was not excited. Her friends are happier about it than her, although Amber wasn't as negative as I expected. She is mainly worried about the math, which she can competently complete even if she is terrified of it. Math is going to be the sticking point for all of them, I predict, and that actually makes it easier to help them when they all are going to need a little more guidance in the same area.

I'm excited to teach chemistry to the kids, though. I love chemistry and hope they are able to enjoy it. Who knows, maybe I'll even teach it next year at co-op for our last homeschooling year.

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