Saturday, September 29, 2018

September Update: Was I Always this Busy?

High school is an extraordinarily busy and exciting time, or at least the junior year is for my daughter. However, that doesn't necessarily translate into anything interesting to post on here. 

Amber has been spending a lot of her free time with her friends: going to the zoo, a corn maze, fall formal dress shopping, etc. She's also just been hanging out with friends and playing board games. Then there is her near daily video game time. She plays online with many of those same friends when she isn't meeting up with them in person. 

I was getting a little concerned about the quantity of time she spent playing video games online with her friends until she pointed out that she had already been playing equally often in recent years, except she played one-person games on the PS4. Hmm. Well, fair point. 

Art class assignment
Amber balances fairly well her assignments, music lessons and practices, and family time (maybe this one could be better... maybe we aren't making family time easy either with us all doing our own thing). At any rate, she is learning to manage her own commitments and entertainment. One area she needs to still address is long-term assignments. Those sometimes fall by the side until I force the issue. It has nothing to do with the gaming though, since she will sit and read rather than work on those long-term assignments some days. It's another issue all together. 

It's hard to explain, but junior year feels busy. Maybe it is actually the excitement of being 16, turning 17, and knowing that she is well and truly an upper class high school student. Amber's lessons do not feel like they are taking more time than before. In truth, she has completed so many of her credits that we might even be taking less time than before. She does have more after-lesson-time assignments though. This means she has assignments to finish outside of our active school lesson time. It's up to her to find the time to complete the assignments. Still, I don't see that as contributing to the busy feeling.

Biscotti - looking regal
All of Amber's classes are progressing on schedule - nothing is behind. Our weekly chemistry class with her friends is going well and I think Amber enjoys it more than she wants to let on. No, she doesn't enjoy chemistry, but if one has to take the class then this might be the best option. Co-op classes are all moving along smoothly. This coming week is our first break week from co-op, which will make a nice time to catch up on some housework and lesson plan for the rest of the semester. 

Amber still has not decided if she will attempt the ACT this year (or even next year). On one hand, she wants to be courageous enough to take the test. On the other hand, she knows it will be stressful and is not necessary for her college plans. 

Managing stress is one of the important methods Amber uses to keep her EDS and dysautonomia symptoms under control. Perhaps under control is not the correct phrase... she can't honestly control when her joints with dislocate or sublux nor can she control her dysautonomia. She can manage her conditions to keep the symptoms to a minimum while increasing her functional percentages. We're so happy she has remained at this recent higher level of functionality, despite the invasive oral surgery this summer. We still do have to encourage Amber to keep up her exercise, and remind her of her fluids and meds. I'm sure it gets old to be constantly reminded, but so does the pain and exhaustion.

Rosetta - such attitude.
That's pretty much the update from around here. Homeschooling remains to be effective and enjoyable, although it's not that interesting to read about at this point in our lives. 

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