Friday, May 31, 2019

She's a Senior Now

Wow! Time has definitely been cruising along at a good clip. I had no idea it has been this long since my last post here.

While we enjoyed being on the Homeschool Review Crew, the need to blog regularly began to weigh heavily on me. It was no longer a joy, but a requirement that I had come to resent. When we decided to not return to the Review Crew, I felt such relief at not needing to blog regularly. I honestly didn't even want to deal with blogging at all.

So, what is going on around here?

I kept plenty busy this school year not only homeschooling Amber but also teaching co-op classes, which included the chemistry I taught for Amber's friends at our house.

Amber enjoyed her junior year of high school. She was a fairly independent learner this year, or even more so than in previous years. I worked out the lesson plans and she executed those plans.

Today was the last day of 11th grade for Amber, and as of now, she is a high school senior! Just one more year before she starts the next chapter in her story.  This is fairly unbelievable to us all, yet also feeling like she is right where she belongs. It's a path we have all taken together.

After much thought and reflection, we made some updates to Amber's senior year plans. We are fairly certain we know where she will start college and she could have already graduated at the end of December. Instead, she chose to enjoy being a teenager and in high school. While she will work on completing a few things her senior year, we came to the realization that she does not have to do it all. She does not need excessive credits as a high school student.

Instead, she simply needs to be prepared for her chosen college major and not for every possible major. What she does need is to learn to balance her life. To learn to care for herself while keeping up with her commitments and ensuring she able to find enjoyment in life.

We are excited about what senior year will bring. The learning experiences. The social events. The unexpected.

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