Homeschool Schedule

Another year of homeschool experience and more tweaks to our schedule.

In fifth grade we tried a four day school week for core subjects leaving Fridays for a few electives and catch-up time. This worked well initially.  Eventually, we scheduled too many fun things on Fridays, allowing no time for anything school related.  We found that the shorter school week did not really alleviate our need for vacation days as hoped.

For sixth grade, and the beginning of middle school, were back to five day school weeks with an attempt at lighter Fridays to allow for catchup time.  Because of numerous doctors appointments all school year long, Fridays were always full school days.  We also adopted a six weeks on / one week off schedule that was by far the best we had utilized so far. 

Now for seventh grade we need to update our schedule to accommodate Amber's diagnosed chronic illness that leaves her exhausted many days and even on good days without the energy for busy schedule.  We are also moving to a five weeks on / one week off schedule in the hopes of keeping Amber from total exhaustion.  Now that we are participating in a homeschool group, I also am trying to match our weeks off with their break weeks. 

Below is a sample of our new normal schedule.  Less hours to the day, but hopefully more productive hours than we've had in the past when Amber was too tired for school.

Sample Weekly Schedule:

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  1. I am enjoying reading about your experience with homeschooling. As of February 1, 2016, my 5th grader will begin homeschooling. We have struggled with the decision since she was in 3rd grade (and she is an only child!). This choice has not come lightly, especially as I work full time, and her father will be mostly in charge of facilitating her learning when I am not there. Thank you again for sharing, it is so encouraging. God Bless!